"Historical landmark of Veneto"

Hotel Forte del 48 is a historic hotel in San Donà di Piave.
The name Forte del '48, a former inn who also gave its name to an old town borough goes back to the War of Independence and Venice's resistance in 1849. An Apsburg army fort was in fact built on this exact site in 1848 (hence its name), and torn down during World War I.  
At the end of the year 2000, a book written by Dr. Dino Casagrande titled "The Fort of '48 and the failed military operation on the Piave" was presented and published in collaboration with the De Faveri family.
The author says about the facility, "Over one hundred years ago, the building housed a tavern known as "Osteria Forte del '48".
The oldest section of the building dates back to before 1878, as it was built prior to the cadastral revision of 1878. At the beginning of 1900s, the intended use was listed as a place of business, then known as the "Inn at Forte del '48", helping to consolidate the place name.
Even today, thanks to the ancient inn, the whole area is known as the area "of the Fort."
Recently, after a careful renovation, the old inn was turned into a hotel equipped with the best comforts.  It was given the name "Hotel Forte del '48", and has been run by the De Faveri family for more than forty years now.
A hotel holding an enduring name and the distant memory of the Austrian fort of San Donà di Piave, est. 1848 ".