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Post coronavirus cleaning

The Forte del 48 hotel reopens in complete security !!!
An important and massive procedure for sanitizing, disinfecting and sanitizing the entire structure has been put in place.
The rooms have been painted with quality interior paint with innovative features
This type of product is also called self-cleaning and anti-mold photocatalytic paint because in addition to eliminating smog it allows to counteract deposits of dirt, mold, bacteria, maintaining the appearance of the paint unaltered over time.
The photocatalytic effect was assessed and confirmed by the report of the tests conducted at the "Institut für Technische Chemie" in Hannover. Post COVID-19 sanification.
The kitchen has been completely painted and treated with a HACCP certified product created specifically for environments where there are foods
All the filters of the air conditioners were cleaned with a sanitizing product for air conditioning systems
This product effectively fights Legionella Pneumophila which lurks in the humidity of the air.
A specialized company was also called in to disinfect the premises.
We will make available to customers the technical data sheets of the products used for disinfection.
Hotel Forte del 48 restarts completely sanitized !!



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